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Anne Hathaway Recreates ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

Posted by in Lip Sync Battles, Miley Cyrus

Spike TV’s new lip sync battle show has become a hit show over the last few weeks. The host of the show is none other than former rap star LL Cool J. Famous actors, musicians, and athletes have already appeared on the show. However, this last week’s episode proved to be one of the highest…

Securus Technologies Keeps Inmates Connected During Flooding Crisis

Posted by in Prison Industry

Securus Technologies, a major provider of civil and criminal justice technology services, announced on September 1, 2016 that in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, each inmate incarcerated in the state will be allowed one free telephone call per day, so they can stay connected with family and friends impacted by…

Setting Up A Profitable Adwords PPC Campaign

Posted by in Adwords PPC Campaign

White Shark Media is a reputable Search Marketing agency and has clients all over the world. The company has offices in the United States, Denmark and Central America. Clients come from all walks of life and rave about the outstanding services provided by this reliable company, and the great results they produce. White Shark Media…

The U.S. Money Reserve: It Is Time To Invest In Precious Metals

Posted by in Gold Investment

It is time for everyone to consider investing in gold because precious metals have long being known to be the best way to safeguard wealth during periods of economic turmoil. In fact, the typical precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum proved in the past decade their ability to outperform many other asset types…

Nutrimost Files Lawsuit Against Healthy Living

Posted by in Food

Healthy Living has come under a Federal Lawsuit filed by Nutrimost for the apparent theft of a promotional video the company Nutrimost posted to it’s website. Healthy Living took the video, posted it to their own website after removing all references to Nutrimost. Those references to Nutrimost were replaced with “Can’t Lose Diet”, and customer…

FreedomPop Is Meeting The Data Needs Of Many New Customers With Their Flexible Platform

Posted by in Uncategorized

In a recent video interview with Kavit Majithia of Mobile World Live, President of FreedomPop, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, explained the new platform and some of the business model in detail. The free mobile data network has gained in popularity and momentum in a pretty brief time frame. This is largely due to their successful test launch…

Why Kristen Stewart Would Love Jon Urbana

Posted by in Kristen Stewart's Loves

You know we love Kristen Stewart, and I like to think we know what she loves. One of those things would probably be Jon Urbana – if she knew him. I mean, look at this shot right here. That belongs on any Instagram feed. Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana And look at this video…

A Different Kind of Adoption Application

Posted by in Culture

When Joe Morales and Joey Famoso embarked on their journey down the road of adoption, they created a YouTube video that stormed the world. The couple released “Dear Future Baby” as a parody to Meghan Trainer’s “Dear Future Husband.” The video is all about the promises Joe and Joey make to their perspective future babies….

Kylie Jenner Is An Average Teenager

Posted by in Kardashians

Kylie Jenner recently released a YouTube video, and she seemed a bit angry at her fans. Rumors have been spread about Kylie Jenner getting lip injections. However, Kylie has denied this, and she says that no 17-year old girl needs plastic surgery. Kylie also said that fans need to realize that she is just like…

Security puts Justin Bieber in a Chokehold at Coachella Music Festival

Posted by in Beiber, Celebs

If you are one of the many people who are less than excited to hear about anything Justin Bieber related, I have somegreat news for you. The out of control pop punk finally got what he deserved at the Coachella Music Festival. Security put him in a chokehold following an altercation and kicked him out…


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